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New Hub paper on fishing plastic waste

Hub member publishes paper on the issues surrounding fishing plastic waste and coastal communities.


New Hub paper on linkage fabrics and their application as programmable materials

Hub members publish about linkage fabrics and their potential application as programmable materials.


New Hub paper on compostable packaging identification technologies

Hub researchers use hyperspectral imaging to identify and classify large microplastic contamination in industrial composting processes


New paper on the safety of food contact materials

Hub team member co-authors paper on the hazards of chemical migration in food contact materials like packaging.


New Hub research on absorbent hygiene products announced - The Comfort Loop

Hub team awarded UKRI funding to research sustainable systems for AHPs.


UN Plastic Treaty negotiations process critique

Dr Olwenn Martin critiques narrow participation and representation in UN Plastic Treaty negotiation process in One Earth article.

Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

About Us

The Plastic Waste Hub

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers, including scientists, engineers, designers, and social scientists, taking a design-led approach to the issue of plastic waste.

Our core team

Ayşe Lisa Allison

Centre for Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change

Gema Amaya Santos

Chemical Engineering

Life Cycle Assessment

Esther Ambrose-Dempster


Organic Chemistry

Dr Silvia Anselmi


Biochemical Engineering

Larisha Apete

Arts and Sciences

Systems Dynamics & Life Cycle Assessment

Dr Jack Jeffries

Biochemical Engineering


Dr Fabiana Lorencatto

Clinical, Educational, and Health Psychology

Behavioural Psychology

Dr Olwenn Martin

Arts and Sciences

Health & Environment

Christian Partik

Mechanical Engineering

Material Engineering

Dr Andrea Paulillo

Chemical Engineering


Polina Pencheva


Design and policy

Dr Elze Porte

Mechanical Engineering

Material Engineering

Dr Luba Prout


Chemical Engineering

Nutcha Taneepanichskul

Mechanical Engineering

Automatic Sorting Technologies

Former Team Members

Miguel Casas Arredondo

Dr Kimberley Chandler

Charnett Chau

Chemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering

Dr Leona Leipold

Dr Beth Munro

Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

Research Manager

Dr Candace Partridge

Dr Ana Rita Pinho

Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP)

Public Policy

Dr Gorjan Stojanovski

Biochemical Engineering


Contact Us

UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

Level 2, 90 Tottenham Court Road

London W1T 4TJ

For email enquiries please contact Danielle Purkiss: