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Unwrapping the Packaging Problem

UCL's Plastic Waste Hub's project lead, Mark Miodownik, took part in a lively discussion with Everyday Plastic's Daniel Webb (artist) and Dr Julie Schneider (scientist) at the British Library on Monday 13 May 2019.

Mark and the panel took a close look at plastics' use and misuse in light of Every Plastic's Mural-by-the-Sea art installation, in which Daniel stored all of the plastic waste he generated in one a year, transforming it into a giant mural in 2018. Daniel and Julie have also co-authored “What we throw away and where it goes” (2018) – a seminal report based on the rigorous analysis of this plastic-waste collection.

The discussion ranged from packaging materials to recycling methods and good practice, as well as considering the way forward for society and science.

You can read more about Everyday Plastic and how to get involved here.

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