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New publications from the Hub team!

We are delighted to share two recent publications from our team on plastic credit and buying behaviours related to compostable plastics.

The first publication, led by Hub researcher Chao Liu, presents a study on the use of blockchain in a plastic credit system. His results show that the designed plastic credit system is capable of promoting a demand shift towards plastic products with higher plastic recyclability.

The second recent publication, led by Hub researcher Ayse Lisa Allison, examines barriers and enablers to buying biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging. The research demonstrates that reducing ambiguity on the labels of biodegradable and compostable packaging may reduce skepticism over environmental claims of packaging. The paper also suggests a series of interventions, including improving information about the source of the packaging material, how the packaging waste is processed, and how to dispose of the packaging.

These publications highlight the opportunity to work closely with manufacturers, retailers, policy makers and regulators, investors, and members of the public in our research on plastic waste.

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