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Hub research inspires switch to paper wrap at Guardian

Like many companies who rely on plastic packaging to distribute their products, The Guardian newspaper had opted to switch to compostable plastic packaging wrap for their Saturday magazine. Our Big Compost Experiment participants have been testing these compostable plastics in their home composts. After one year of the Big Compost Experiment, we reported that 74% of compostable plastic newspaper and magazine wrap put in home composters was still present/visible. While these materials experienced some degradation, most were not performing as advertised. Our research findings have inspired The Guardian to make the switch to paper packaging for their Saturday magazine. The Guardian told us, “The work that [the] Plastic Waste Innovation Hub did in evaluating the real-world performance of compostable plastics was a significant factor in our decision to stop using these materials.” We are proud that the work of our Big Compost Experiment participants and the research of the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub is having an impact on everyday decisions of companies in the UK.

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