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Compostable Plastics Research Update - September 2021

Catch up with our latest research on the UK's system for compostable plastics in this webinar (broadcast 16/09/21). Hear from the UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub team about the latest results from the Big Compost Experiment and compostable teabag trials, life cycle assessment (LCA), labelling and behaviour, sorting technologies, microbial degradation work and public policy developments.


Maria Bawn - Chemistry, UCL

Jenny Bird - Policy, UCL

Charnett Chau - Life Cycle Assessment, UCL

Helen Hailes - Chemistry, UCL

Mark Miodownik - Materials & Society, UCL

Danielle Purkiss - Citizen Science, UCL

Nutcha Taneepanichskul - Mechanical Engineering, UCL

John Ward - Biochemistry, UCL

Chaired by Beth Munro, Institute of Making UCL

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