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Plastic Waste Hub submits report on biodegradable plastics to UK government's consultation

We, the authors of this report, are a multidisciplinary group of academics including scientists, engineers, designers, artists, and social scientists from University College London. We are part of the Plastic Waste Innovation Hub whose aim is to develop new ways of designing-out waste from plastic packaging and create new circular economy business opportunities. The work for this report has been fully funded through a UKRI/EPSRC PRIF grant (EP/S024883/1). Our Steering Committee has representation from producers and users of traditional plastic packaging, companies using compostable plastics, waste reprocessing organisations, and other independent groups. Throughout the course of this work, we have consulted with many companies and organisations that use compostable plastics, or are interested in using them. We include some of these as case studies.

You can download our full report below.

Download On biodegradable plastics submitted
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