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One Pop! Bottle

We are delighted to announce the publication of One Pop! Bottle, the first book by our Artist-in-Residence Ruby Wright.

One Pop! Bottle is the beautifully illustrated tale of the life of a plastic bottle, from its sticky beginnings as petroleum mined from beneath the Earth's surface, through to its separation and synthesis into plastics, the injection-moulding process, and finally, to its use, misuse, and rejection as a pop!-drink bottle.

This concertina book follows two eventualities: the first, the dumping of the pop! bottle in landfill; and the second, via a more agreeable route: the recycling centre. Printed in vibrant yellows, blues, and pinks, it goes behind the scenes at a materials recovery facility (MRF) to understand what happens to our everyday plastic waste.

Made during her residency at UCL Plastic Waste Innovation Hub, One Pop! Bottle incorporates sketches and drawings from various site visits, as well as imaginatively depicting the many (complex) processes involved in plastics recycling for younger audiences.

With words by Mark Miodownik, and handsomely printed by Calverts in Bethnal Green, E2, One Pop! Bottle is an inventive take on one plastic bottle's journey through the waste stream.

If you would like a free copy, please contact the Plastics Hub at We are particularly keen to hear from schools, colleges, and libraries, as this is a novel way to introduce children to the issues of plastic waste and recycling.

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